Open up new horizons for your gastronomy.

Cocktail-Joe is an automatic cocktail machine that can make more than sixty different cocktails from eighteen different ingredients. Almost no prior knowledge is required for operation. Therefore, the machine allows you to offer cocktails in high consistent quality even if you do not have trained staff. In addition, Cocktail Joe supports the sale of the cocktails through the atmospheric appearance.


Inspire your guests in an atmospheric environment.

The machine-integrated lighting is a real eye-catcher. Thanks to more than twenty individually controlled LED spots, the machine creates an atmospheric ambience. The lights also change dynamically during use, turning every mixing process into a unique show.


Set individual accents.

You want a seamless transition from our machine to your location, or you want to highlight your own brand? In this case, we will gladly customize the machine to your wishes and deliver it with your own logo.


Provide transparency.

Thanks to the open design, your guests can always follow the mixing process live. All ingredients and brands used are visible and encourage the enjoyment of a drink or two. This system further gives you the greatest possible freedom in choosing the spirits used.


Add your own touch to your card.

You will receive Cocktail Joe as default with our 63 own recipes, which have proven themselves with us for a long time. At your request, we can also program the machine freely according to your ideas and thus meet your recipe requirements.


Stay flexible.

Does your catering business have a lot of outdoor seating, or do you run a multi-purpose event location? In this case, we can recommend our rollable stand. This facilitates the transport of the machine enormously and allows always an operation in sight of your guests.


Get started right away.

The machine is operated via a touch display. When we designed the user interface, we placed great focus on intuitive usability. All cocktails can be called up alphabetically and are prepared with just a few clicks. The operation can be learned by any employee within a few minutes


Invest in quality.

In the production of the machine, the quality of the materials used is particularly important to us. The production takes place predominantly in Germany and on the basis of high-quality materials. In order to meet the requirements of the catering industry, we mainly use stainless steel. In addition to the lighting, accents in tropical wood provide a modern yet cozy appearance.


Benefit from our experience.

We have been using Cocktail Joe permanently in our two family-run businesses in Cologne since April 2018. A smaller prototype (CJ14Z) is in use at Papa Joe's Biersalon. Papa Joe's Jazzlokal uses the finished product (CJ18M), which is offered for sale.

To get an idea of what Cocktail Joe has been doing in our establishments since April 2018, the following figures show the number of cocktails sold per month.

It can be seen that since June 2022, we have sold an average of 1147 cocktails per month in Papa Joe's Biersalon and 1264 cocktails per month in Papa Joe's Jazzlokal.

Papa Joe’s Jazzlokal (Em Streckstrump):

Papa Joe’s Biersalon (Klimperkasten):



Do you want a solution that does not require a large investment and also offers flexibility?

Then you have the option of renting Cocktail Joe from just €289 1) per month 2) 3). Every month 250 cocktails are free of charge. You only pay €0.79 1) for each additional cocktail. Monthly billing is done precisely via the integrated counter, so you always have an overview. Our contract terms are short and can be flexibly adapted to your needs 4).

  1. All prices are quoted without VAT.
  2. Depending on the delivery location and delivery method, additional delivery costs may apply.
  3. A deposit must be paid at the beginning of the rental period.
  4. Minimum contract periods are determined after individual consultation.


Would you like to invest in the future?

Then you have the option to purchase Cocktail Joe already from €14.900 1) 2). We also offer you the option of a custom-made emblem with your desired design, such as your company logo. If you want to use the machine in a portable setup, we can offer you a rollable frame, with which you can easily position and move the machine.

  1. All prices are quoted without VAT.
  2. Depending on the delivery location and delivery method, additional delivery costs may apply.

Are you interested or do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact us via phone, e-mail or our contact form.